was established by a group of professionals in 2012. The individuals who form the group are each experts in their fields.


Why the site was started

The internet is a popular source of information. Whoever, most internet users still find that they lack sources of information that will provide answers for highly complex topic areas in a way that a layman can understand. Additionally, very many sources are unreliable and untrustworthy due to the fact that the writers may either lack the expertise to give credible tips on the particular topic or because the owners of the source websites are being paid by merchants and manufacturers to promote products.

When the founders of news tips tricks first came together, they realized a need to provide much sought after information and subject-specific news items to their readers in an easy to understand way. They also saw the need to maintain the credibility of their information and tips and thus chose to make this a non-commercial site.



Unlike most blogs, specialty sites, and information sites, the founders of news tips tricks each came from diverse fields and it was quite a bit of a challenge amalgamating their different niches together. Nevertheless, this was overcome by the realization that readers want information that can increase the value of their life experiences in different ways. Thus, we pooled our knowledge bases together and designed a website which is easy to follow and easy to read and understand.


What We Have Done

First, we divided the site into various sections, each representing a subject that is of high interest to today’s online community. According to surveys we made, most young people sought answers on the internet on how to make money, how to manage assets, and how to live a healthy life. Therefore, we started by dividing our sections accordingly.

Secondly, even though the founders are a group of highly educated and experienced professionals, it was decided to make the website a source of information for everyone no matter what their knowledge base is or their level of education. For instance, it cannot be assumed that our highly knowledgeable banking readers would know anything about nutrition so we had to make our food section appeal to the banker too. In the same way, it is clear that the most acknowledged and highest paid chef may find our food section a little too pedestrian but may find value in our online business section.


What We Provide

Each of our teams has a niche to specialize on and what each does is they research on a continual basis on the subjects of highest interest on the internet. They also study current events and trends and gather as much useful information as they can. Then in conjunction with the editorial team, we set out to post the information in a way that will be easy to understand and full of credible information for our readers. Our tips are tried and tested methods for making life easier and more fulfilling.

Because we are a non-commercial site, we offer unbiased comparisons between different products in some of our well-researched articles. When we do mention products and brands, we usually seek to recommend to readers only the high quality, easily available, and competitively priced products rather than list out everything produced by everyone.

We welcome all correspondence, comments, praise, criticism, shares, and likes and hope your life will be better enriched by reading our insightful articles.

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